Learning Outcomes


Academic Success

Goal: NSS introduces participants to University and College requirements and resources in order for them to achieve academic success.  

Learning Outcomes:
» Students will complete Phase 1 of class enrollment.
» Students and their support networks will gain an understanding of at least two academic resources.
» Students and their support networks will know the academic requirements of their college/major in order to graduate.

Campus Resources

Goal: Participants will learn about University services and procedures that they will use throughout their years at Cal.

Learning Outcomes:
» Students and their support networks will be able to identify two departments that have resources and services to help students.
» Students will interact with trained student leaders who serve as resources throughout their transition to Cal.
» Students' support networks will learn about appropriate ways to engage in their students' university experience.
» Students and their support networks will become aware of university requirements, fees, and deadlines.


Goal: Participants will be introduced to university traditions and the campus culture that make UC Berkeley unique.

Learning Outcomes:
» Students and their support networks will be introduced to campus values including the Honor Code, Principles of Community, social justice, and sustainability.
» Students and their support networks will be able to identify Cal iconography, including historic buildings, important landmarks, and significant campus figures.  
» Students will be introduced to Cal language and acronyms commonly used on campus.
» Students and their support networks will be imbued with school spirit through learning Cal traditions, such as cheers and songs.

Build Community

Goal: NSS provides opportunities for participants to connect with peers and shares ways to broaden their community after arriving at UC Berkeley.

Learning Outcomes:
» Students will be able to identify at least three ways to get involved on campus to enrich and personalize their Cal experience.
» Students will be introduced to a diverse campus community and discover how they fit into it.
» Students will make positive connections with at least one fellow student who they intend to keep in touch with during school.
» Students’ support networks will connect with each other and form relationships with those who are also going through a similar transitional experience.